Our story

One wintry evening on a back patio under bistro lights, gathered around a cheese plate and nursing our second glasses of wine (white for J & G, red for Glitter), the three of us hatched a plan for a simple weekend away to somewhere warmer and to give us something to look forward to. As our packing list quickly escalated and the itinerary began to take shape, we decided the theme of this getaway should most definitely be anything and everything that makes up our very best lives, and from there, our first Best Lives Retreat was born.

A couple months later we were Joshua Tree bound in a car filled completely to the top (yes for 3 days, just let us live) with everything from fresh flowers to palo santo to 5 types of face masks to multiple styles of crowns, and ready for a weekend where we got to do whatever and be whoever we wanted. The only rule being that you had to do everything that made up your best life, and allowed others to do the same with no judgment.

What started as a fun weekend away together quickly turned into a time of radical self-expression, total freedom, and deep joy as we spent time diving inward, giving permission to one another to chase after our desires, and wildly celebrating each other in the process. It didn’t take long before we realized this was an experience we wanted to invite others into as well.

And so Best Lives Retreat became an actual thing. A tradition that the 3 of us will likely always continue to have, but also a greater movement created to foster intentional moments aimed at freeing people up to be the fullest version of the person they were created to be, in a setting designed to incorporate every tiny detail that sparks joy on a beautifully individual level. We know “living your best life” has become a basic cliche, but before it was littered across Instagram as a hashtag, think about what would truly comprise your very best, and most beautiful life. Envision it, feel it, delight in it, and then let us help unlock the door taking you just a little bit closer to what’s waiting for you on the other side.

Cheers to living our very best lives.

Meet the team

living our best life looks like:


Wearing a head-to-toe, crystal-encrusted bodysuit and some kind of elaborate headpiece while dancing to “Cut to the Feeling.”


Laying on a hammock in the afternoon desert sun with a glass of Chardonnay in hand, still ignoring texts I haven’t answered in weeks.


Dancing barefoot in the sand, mimosa in hand, while wearing a poncho in the mid-morning sun. Music optional.